The former UFC interim heavyweight fighter Shane Carwin has opened up on the financials of a fighter engaged in the sport. When fighters reveal their earnings it is usually to show off on social media or use it against their rivals. Carwin decided to speak freely about his earnings from his UFC 116 fight against Brock Lesnar back in 2010.

There were rumours that the former champ Lesnar made up to $2 million from the heavyweight fight he won. Carwin, in his detailed post on Reddit, claimed Dana White paid him $2 million regardless of what he says about it now. He said he could not afford to lie about his financials as everything is in the open having being involved in divorce hearings with two ex-wives.

Juan Marquez Files Bank Complain

Juan Manuel Marquez has been vocal about his funds having been mismanaged by JP Morgan Chase. Being a four time world champion in boxing, it is hard to ignore what Juan has to say.

He has recently filed a complaint against JP Morgan Chase & Co in the Los Angeles Superior Court. The complaint is regarding 2.3 million dollars that he feels has been fraudulently gotten from him as tax refunds and fake accounts have been opened at the Chase Bank’s Whittier branch.

The complaint that he has made is regarding a father-son duo who have stolen about 2.3 million from him in the form of tax refunds and they accomplished this with the US bank by setting up fraudulent accounts at a local branch of the bank. The professional boxer spoke about this week at a press conference that he held across the Chase Bank branch in Philadelphia. He has sued the bank along with Adel and Heber Cotton with allegations that the bank had conspired with the duo to launder his money which was obtained in the form of tax returns.


Former four-division champion Juan Manuel Marquez has no plans to retire just yet. Marquez holds a record of 56-7-1 and 40 knockouts. The 43-year old fighter still has enough strength in him.

In recent interviews, Marquez had said that he would retire from the sport if he could not schedule a retirement fight before the year runs out. However, it has become apparent that Marquez now has other ideas as retirement is not in his agenda for now. Marquez who has been away from the ring for quite a while has plans to fight again in the upcoming year in either April or May, in preparation for that, the former champion has decided to make a return to training camp in the early period of 2017.

He will need a lot of training, as it has been three years since his most recent outing in the ring. His last fight was in May 2014 against mike Alvarado where he won after the 12th round by decision and he has been inactive ever since.


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