Juan Manuel Marquez Changing His Style For Third Pacquiao Fight

Juan Manuel Marquez Video Score: five / five

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25 Responses to “Juan Manuel Marquez Changing His Style For Third Pacquiao Fight”

  1. Mastapugalist says:

    @SenseGroot A humble warrior.

  2. Mastapugalist says:

    @chakyun0609 Like Manny..,big fan as well. I agree that Marquez deserves that respect. Mayweather will be like Hopkins Beating younger guys easily. But keep the hope up Mayweather vs Pacquiao Coming soon. 🙂

  3. baller2011able says:

    @chakyun0609 mayweather a gym rat keeps himself in good shape and is always prepared he wont be like dat.

  4. TooFreshproductions says:

    i already know if marquez gets koed hes gunna go all out before he does
    great respect for this guy

  5. calichincash says:

    @thearchitect314 fuck u and suck my left nut cause the my right nut your girlfriend suck it lol

  6. thearchitect314 says:


    Bro, you’re probably some moron that barely graduated highschool. Trying to act all superior and ish. Haha… fuck outa here.

  7. pasguato77 says:

    @calichincash he is learning to speak english and it’s only to accommodate ignorant pieces of shit like yourself.

  8. musood6630 says:

    Look at the way Pacquiao and his promoter want to make Marquez go up to 144lbs. They can catchweight other people and yet they don’t have the dignity to give Marquez to give him the dignity of coming in the at least half-way maybe 141 or so.

  9. buyneee says:


  10. 1Pueblito says:

    I hope marquez wins

  11. mrpatrioticpinoy says:

    @calichincash Hello! why don’t you post a sensible comment instead of expressing nasty word this does’nt build you user’s name. you can simply say; learn how to speak english. why add words that shows you real color? . . . this is not a competition of speaking english. this is an expression of ideas. youtube does’nt limit to americans only to post a comment i’m not a mexican but i tried to understand what they are saying. if i can’t, it’s ok i’ll just skip it. i don’t offend them. PEACE BE W/U.

  12. harrypandey15 says:

    i have great respect for marquez but i think he will get smashed, pacman is a different animal from all those years ago and juan is just not the same anymore – ring rust, age are factors that come into play.

  13. calichincash says:

    learn how to speak english motherfuker lol….

  14. sinistercharlie says:

    the only thing that has changed for jmm is his english, cant teach a dog new tricks, his style has been working. He wont win but he will diff come to fight, i doubth pac will ko this guy but u never know, jmm has been thru some battles, he will diff lose the war.

  15. bigslynhs says:

    @chakyun0609 Canelo already packs the stable center with ease. I think he has the most potential of becoming a PPV star than any of the other fighters I mentioned

  16. chakyun0609 says:

    @bigslynhs These boxers u named are good upcoming fighters. They have potentials, but nobody really knows how far they can go. Nowadays u can see their names everywhere, not for the reason they are truly excellent fighters, but for the reason they have good promoters selling their names. Andre Berto, Timothy Bradley, Paul Williams, Sergio Martinez were yesterday news, and now no one knows where their careers are heading. Pacquiao, Floyd jr, Marquez are elite fighters took them years to be one.

  17. SenseGroot says:

    Great guy JMM

  18. bigslynhs says:

    @chakyun0609 Canelo Alvarez draws alot of people, Amir Khan has a alot of charisma as well as world class talent, and if Victor Ortiz beats Mayweather (and I mean IF) that would also make him a superstar. Dont worry about boxing it’ll be good when they retire

  19. chakyun0609 says:

    Eventhough I´m a big fan of Pacquiao I have a great respect for Marquez for his determination. If every boxer/fighters are like Pacquiao and Marquez who truly give the meaning of boxing with respect, maybe boxing doesn´t need to compete with UFC / MMA. I wonder what will happen if these two will finally retire. Mayweather? his retirement comes and goes, nothing so special with that. He will wake up one day that he´s too old to compete and regrets all the mishaps he did.

  20. mighk21 says:

    He nose me I nose him who’s nose is gonna bleed first will win LOL

  21. PrecisePresenter says:

    @AztecaHaztaLaMuerte it would’ve helped his career a lot had he learned it earlier, but it can’t hurt now, either.

  22. AztecaHaztaLaMuerte says:

    @PrecisePresenter a lil late dont you think ? xD

  23. jimbanzo says:

    marquez knows he cant win at 144

  24. diego5696 says:

    @philhaj2 do you watch boxing? marquez is not bringing manny down in weight, Manny cant even make 147 the difference is a natural 147 fight night they go up about 15 pounds so they have to loss a lot of weight manny doesn’t . marquez and manny are both natural 135 , yes 135 when they fought at 130 fight night marquez was 144 manny was 145 how heavy do they fight now? about146-147 so in reality sense fighting at 130 they both have only gained fight night at most 2pounds dont believe the media.

  25. Mrdeftoness1 says:

    Hell have to go to the old jmm that was very boring to even go the distance imo but shit if old ass morales went the distance vs maidana i wouldn’t count him out