Manny Pacquiao – Juan Manuel Marquez – HBO Face Off

Juan Manuel Marquez Video clip Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Manny Pacquiao – Juan Manuel Marquez – HBO Face Off”

  1. OSCARnMELI says:

    The catch weight will get marquez in th end!

  2. juanbalatan says:

    its too corney!!!!!

  3. FIGHTFANNERD3 says:

    @garcia29078 your not a boxing fan idiot

  4. 1093423 says:

    @brijoyable de la hoya killed himself to make weight, then he faught hatton mayweathers leftovers, then he faught cotto after he got destoryed by margarito another leftover, then he fights mosley after mayweather beat him and mosley looked like shit againsed sergio mora ended in a draw now manny wanted to fight him no surprise there, then he fights margarito after he has been laid off a year and can no longer cheat, now he wants to fight marquez at such a heavy weight after mayweather beat him

  5. brijoyable says:


    The monkey floyd sr. started all these nonsense talk about steroid when his fighter hatton sleeps at the canvass. remember that one? floyd sr. cannot accept it and very ashamed at that moment. That’s why he punched back with false statement about steroid…

  6. brijoyable says:


    Hey asshole.. Do you know about boxing? I think not, so here’s a little info for you.. From lower weight up to welter at 147, The gloves being used is 8 oz. then thicker gloves is from super welter up… So is it not a rule? Then boxing has a limit weight that’s why it is being divided into different divisions. So if they will fight at 147 limit, is it okay that floyd will come to weigh-in and with his weight above welter? come’on man.. understand???

  7. brijoyable says:


    Try to recall when all of these trash talks between the two fighter starts… For your info, it all started from the mouth of the Sr. Ape mayweather. When manny K.O.’s his trained fighter hatton. He is very embarrashed and ashamed that’s why he invented that falls story. And some idiots including you bought that one…

  8. brijoyable says:


    Kill themself? by the way is there any? name one….. margarito fights at welter 147 pound limit.. when he fought manny, he will have to weigh 150. So is he drained? obviously not…in fact he weighed 165 at fight night.. You really don’t understand what’s happening… Manny fought anybody whom arum wants him to fight
    and if his opponent is willing.

  9. 1093423 says:

    @brijoyable if manny is the best p4p fighter he should not demand catch weights and just move up in weight and test his skills at the higher weight class without having to make his opponet kill himself to make weight even without the catchweights manny is still fighting guys when they are obviously done like shane mosley or guys on losing steaks or bad performances like cotto clottey margarito after he was off for a year and no longer allowed to cheat.. manny pacquiao the most overrated champion

  10. teamkurenai says:

    @JapaneseNinjaWay 右手の〜

  11. slumdunkgirl says:

    @JapaneseNinjaWay True! Manny and Marquez are the great fighters!

  12. rutbuck121 says:

    kellerman your a fucking idiot!

  13. JapaneseNinjaWay says:

    Guys! This is the Psychological Analysis/ Part of the fighting analysis between the two fighters if they are willing to match or deny the interview. do you please Stop! arguing, watch the fight is easy because they are the GREATEST OF ALL FIGHTERS!!!
    Ganbatte Pacquiao and Marquez!

    from Japan

  14. richcarpio says:

    all of you guys are talking shit because you’re envious of Manny Pacquiao. Why don’t we just bet money for this fight? You guys bet for Marquez, I’ll bet my money for Pacquiao, then we’ll have the right to talk shit. How about that, stupid american people? Who’s willing to bet their money for Marquez?

  15. wachiemilo says:


  16. wachiemilo says:

    hello fabolozz…you are afraid of floyd mayweather,, cause you know that he can easily beat pacquiao….that’s why you talk a lot of trash….fkn idiot son of a b…

  17. reutcek says:

    @unleashedr I know! Max did a bad one this time.

  18. reutcek says:

    @teddy45 Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! I know!!!

  19. reutcek says:

    @ThePushBravo Pacquiaos Camp is not push over like the others Floyd had dealt with. They want to make sure Floyd would not go over and dominate in weight like what he did with Marquez. It’s not a commision rule and Floyd agreed? Too bad but not because he agreed with it doesn’t mean Pacquiao is obligated to agree with his too. I’ll say it again, blood test, Steroids and testing issues are the Commissions problem. YOU tell them they’re not doing their job. Until then though, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  20. unleashedr says:

    This interviewer is a prick, so much akward in the room and he doesn’t care

  21. ThePushBravo says:

    @reutcek Pacquiao requested 8 oz Gloves & a $10 MILLION per pound penalty for Floyd if he comes in over the weight…and guess what,FMJ agreed. Those arent Boxing commision Rules are they? floyd is bending to Pac’s request too.why wouldnt pac be fighting still. he’s ONLY done scheduled urine test by boxing commission. Did 1 blood test years ago and it was scheduled too! Until he takes RANDOM BLOOD & URINE we wont know. Plenty boxers said that they fought dirty and slipped thru Commision testing.

  22. NazhitsREALLYHARD says:

    Max Kellerman: The knockdown (in the second fight) didn’t discourage you?

    Marquez: (metaphorically speaking) I am a Mexican… I would rather die than accept defeat!!!

  23. NazhitsREALLYHARD says:

    Look at Manny’s eyes the moment Max Kellerman turns to him for the first time… His angry because he knows deep down inside that Marquez had the better of him the first fight.

  24. brijoyable says:


    Do you understand why they ask for catchweight? because manny is a featherweight and the opponent he’s fighting were welter weights and above. Cotto weighed 145, he’s last fight before that is 146 during weigh-in.Is it an issue??? 1 lb differential? Also it doesn’t gave an edge to manny because during fight nyt, his opponent will still bulk to their natural weight just lyk what happened in the margarito fight.. So is it clearer unto you now idiot????

  25. brijoyable says:


    Have you forgot on the first fight? When the judge scored 10-7? instead of 10-6 for pac? So manny won the 1st one.. You knows nothing about history and boxing.. You better watch cartoon movies idiot. ..