Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Official Weigh-in

Juan Manuel Marquez Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Official Weigh-in”

  1. Рита Захар says:
  2. Nicky McAuliffe says:

    black eyed peace – Bebot

  3. ItsBrand21OfficiaL says:

    Man at this weigh in,You can tell Pacquiao didn’t look like himself.
    Pacquiao looks so much better in the new weigh in for the 4th fight for

  4. Soflynoli23 says:

    I’ve been making sense fool. You’re the one talking out of your ass. Yes
    their both rich and they should fight. You should have said that to begin
    with instead of all the bullshit you’ve been talking. Fuck you too asshole
    next time don’t come at people so rudely. You’re the noob sucking on
    Manny’s dick. Fuck outta here. LMFAO!

  5. moneyxl00 says:

    Lol, after this fight they complained that Manny was not focused and all
    this stupid shit but before the fight Freddie Roach says that Manny has had
    the BEST camp ever.

  6. zeetran says:

    what? did manny spoke spanish?

  7. zensorzz says:

    Manny is a real dude !!

  8. jay-R Tina says:

    marquez should knock out manny for the best win.not your own self you feel
    your win.

  9. Jordan Liddle says:

    Im a huge pacquiao fan, but this was the first fight I’ve watched of his
    where as I was watching, I was thinking “Um, something ain’t quite right
    here..” I thought Pac lost the fight, of course boxing is a business, so
    the outcome that promises the most money is always going to happen, Marquez
    was the better fighter though

  10. Mr1997kawasaki says:

    Pacquiao was awarded 10-6 for round one. What helped Marquez make a come
    back was the fact that he won majority of the rounds. Most people belive
    that Pacman only won rounds 1,2 and 10 and Marquez won the rest. Yeah
    Pacquiao made the fight for marquez almost imposible but he also gave away
    the fight to. He made the first mistake by allowing Marquez to take charge
    of the fight,2nd mistake Marquez was landing more solid punches that
    snapped Pacquiao neck back,

  11. slash92gibson says:

    wtf?!? marquez didn’t touch pacquiao? then why did i see pacquiao’s head
    bouncing back all night long? look at the first 9 sec. of this video dude
    now i dare you to show me a video like that of pacquiao punching marquez
    effectively (landing CLEAR punches) good luck with that bro…

  12. charlesmustang says:

    Actually his legacy will be as one of the greatest fighters of all time
    along with being considered the most accurate puncher of all time. Also he
    will go down as one of the greatest defensive fighters of all time. You do
    realize that every one that Floyd has fought has come off of huge wins and
    solidified themselves as great contenders. While Manny tends to fight them
    after losses or unimpressive victories. Pac is a great fighter but the same
    could be said for him as well.

  13. jujusmind says:

    anyone know where part two is at? please like and link for all of us to

  14. carlito brigante says:

    it don’t matter what anyone says, marquez was so desperate to win he would
    have done anything he was on steroids, you don’t hit 40 go up in weight and
    have suck definition and muscle mass like that.

  15. Anton Zogaj says:

    The fight was an absolute and utter robbery. Pacquiao missed most of his
    combinations and marquez was counter-punching him all night long. As was
    the case in the other two fights, the judges and the commentaters, such as
    that asswipe jim lampley who kissess pacquiaos ass, were completely biased
    against marquez and were scoring every missed punch for pacquiao while
    marquez was landing the cleaner blows to the head and body. BOB ARUM can
    suck on my balls. This was a robbery, completely disgusting.

  16. lukkeri1 says:

    why the fuck is the audience booing to marquez? both of these legends
    deserves respect no matter who are you rooting for

  17. ikawangtanan says:

    Don’t be bitter dude. hahaha

  18. 3dgar951 says:

    well if your talking about “punch stats” look at the stats on the first 2
    fights marquez beat pacquiao on both

  19. MrJoelouisbarrow says:

    lol bradley was hurt alot and Marquez was in the 1 and 2 fight hurt alot of
    times got the 8 count idiot !!

  20. Mr1997kawasaki says:

    Marquez was counter punching that means that he makes you miss then
    punishes you for it. Even Pacquiao said Marquez is a very good counter
    puncher. Pacquiao did land more punches but he was also looking like a fool
    throwing wild punches and getting punished for it. The only thing we
    learned from the first fight was Pacquioa has great speed, Pacman has a
    solid chin, Staminathat can last. But we also saw that Pacquiao has no KO
    power and he doesnt do well against a boxer.

  21. John Ruda says:

    Yeah he clearly beat Marquez on the first 2 and one of them was a draw
    which was bullshit… and if it’s not punch stats that win fights?? What
    does??? Just the way it looked like who was doing better? no…. Punch
    stats are recorded for a reason especially when it comes to close fights
    like #3. and Pacquiao won it by a small margin, nobody was getting robbed
    in this Marquez Vs Pacquiao series…. (well, except for the first one
    which was a draw A.K.A Bullshit)

  22. Mr1997kawasaki says:

    Yeah I did see the stats the question is did you?? According to computer
    box Pacquioa threw 578 punches but only landed 176. Marquez threw 436 but
    only landed 158. That means that Pacman had 402 punches that did not
    connect and Marquez only had 278. So Marquez gets points for defense. Also
    when marquez hit Pacquiao’s head it looks like a yo yo, meaning Marquez was
    landing the cleaner crisp punches.

  23. cregner says:

    This fight is gonna be intense and its gonnacbe fast fight when it comes
    with speed. Im just proud to watch this fight im not even waiting for flods
    fight anymore this is it. Proud to be Filipino

  24. Eduardo clark says:

    Why we even arguing? I got 20 other people arguing on the same topic, i
    dont fucking care about you, or what makes u laugh.. Mayweather – Pacquio
    need to fight.. The end.. Speculations will rise until then…

  25. Mr1997kawasaki says:

    Just stop it, do you really want me to make you look like a fool?? I like
    Pacquiao his a good change for boxing I personally dont have nothing
    against him I just call the fight how I see it.