Marquez Bio

Juan Manuel Marquez is a professional Mexican boxer who hails from Mexico City. He is 38 years old and was born on the 23rd if August in the year 1973. He is currently the reigning WBO champion and also the Ring Lightweight Champion. He was born in a family where there was a history of boxing as all three of his brothers were reputed boxers who were well known and had accomplished a great deal in this field. He has also been very successful and he is currently ranked number 5 in the pound for pound rankings worldwide. He is a Three Division World Champion and remarkably he is the forth Mexican ever to attain this feat. He is the brother of Rafael Marquez; Rafael is a former world champion in the Bantamweight and the Super bantamweight category.

Juan Manuel Marquez started his professional career at the age of 19 in the year 1999. Unfortunately he lost his debut match by disqualification. He trained under the legendary Ignacio Beristain. He himself is a very accomplished boxer and he has featured in the top ten pound for pound rankings. Before turning professional, he has had a very successful amateur career. His amateur career stats read 35 victories and just one defeat. He has also won two prestigious Golden glove events.

Juan Manuel Marquez, after getting set back in his very first match had totally become professional within a span of a few days. He then went on to make a record of being undefeated for the next 28 matches in 6 months. His victories came over established and experienced boxers like Sanchez and Alfred Kotey. He is a very hard working athlete and is thoroughly disciplined. He firmly believes that the life of an athlete is like that of s monk and has to be full of discipline. He is a very devoted worker and he always succeeds in pleasing his fans.

After playing in the lightweight and featherweight categories, he moved on to the Welterweight division where he emerged to be the number one in a very short span indeed. He was matched against some of the vest boxers but he emerged victorious and showed his true class. Juan Manuel Marquez is still ranked as one of the best boxers Mexico has ever produced and he will enjoy this status for some time to come. He will be remembered as one of the best ambassadors of the game.

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