The former UFC interim heavyweight fighter Shane Carwin has opened up on the financials of a fighter engaged in the sport. When fighters reveal their earnings it is usually to show off on social media or use it against their rivals. Carwin decided to speak freely about his earnings from his UFC 116 fight against Brock Lesnar back in 2010.

There were rumours that the former champ Lesnar made up to $2 million from the heavyweight fight he won. Carwin, in his detailed post on Reddit, claimed Dana White paid him $2 million regardless of what he says about it now. He said he could not afford to lie about his financials as everything is in the open having being involved in divorce hearings with two ex-wives.

Carwin said one of his divorced wives was present when the bulk of the money was paid so he was really telling the truth.

The 42-year old retired fighter praised his management team for all they did for him, particularly helping him plan for his long term financial security. He said his management team ensured he was paid even before he had to enter the octagon for engagements.

He thanked the team for the ‘in kind’ gifts he received. He says they provided the security to take bullets for him, handled all the underground activities and protected the fighters.

“They have athletes today 0-0 on salary with sponsorships not predicated on fighting. I am not sure Chris Camozzi wants his business out in the cyberspace but they have done wonders for him.

“They have helped fund his corner cost to Sweden and that brand is not getting on his shorts. So even in today’s climate they are getting it done,” he added.

Carwin fought three title fights before injuries forced him to end his career in 2013.

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